Joining and participating in a service club brings identifiable health benefits
A recent  speaker addressed our meeting with a fascinating story of how membership and participation in a community organization brings significant health benefits. Members are encouraged to pursue this subject with a view to using the points made to encourage recruitment of new members. It will also make you feel better to know that as a member you are not only helping others but helping yourself. First is a website put out by the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.  On this site, are listed a number of facts about social capital and civic engagement which are taken from various academic studies.  The second and third "factoids" address some of the demonstrated health benefits of joining a service club.

The second is an article by New York Times columnist David Brooks that mentions the research demonstrating that joining a service or civic club can produce a gain in relative happiness equal to doubling one's income.  The original source of this study is contained in the book Blue Zones by Dan Buettner.

Follow up and enjoy this useful information.