Speaker Charmaine Hammond going to the dogs?
Our speaker at the April 2nd meeting is well known as a motivational speaker specializing in team building, communication and other business related subjects. Charmaine was a former Correctional Officer and later a corporate mediator. But for our meeting the focus was on kindness, and how it can be spread. While kindness certainly applies in the business world it is through a favourite pet we were introduced to another facet of Charmaine's life. The pet is a young Chesapeake Bay retriever used much like those in pet therapy to increase awareness to bullying and how contagious kindness can be.  A recent cross country tour, The Team Toby mission, was developed to PAWsitively improve lives by teaching kindness, acceptance and respect. Team Toby accomplishes the mission through professional speaking and corporate training, presentations to schools and organizations, and through the Team Toby Global Speakers team. This is supplemented with books and products, philanthropy and causes projects, and philanthropy efforts. Remember that one act of kindness generates more and it is a contagion that is good for all. For more information check out www.charmainehammond.com or www.TheOriginalTeamToby.com