Our club's youngest speaker (accompanied by mom) tells us about living with Type 1 Diabetes
On January 19th our club learned about the difficulties of living with type 1 diabetes. But instead of a sterile PowerPoint presentation often associated with various charities we were pleased to be taught by a young mother and her 7 year old daughter. The program, organized by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund, consisted of the ubiquitous slide show but the highlights were the personal experiences of a loving mom and her daughter - who has the disease. Control and monitoring are the key functions in safely managing the affliction. Daughter Sylvia showed us the CGM device attached to her arm. (Continuous Glucose Monitoring). The machine is expensive as are the bits and pieces to keep it functional but it makes life easier for patient and caregiver. Overall an educational experience with a very human touch. Readers are encouraged to check out the website of the JDRF to learn more and get involved in their important activities. http://www.jdrf.ca/t1dhub/