Jenn Burt of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society gave us the story of Rotary's involvement in the development of Waterton Glacier Internatinal Peace Park.
Those familair with this pristine part of the Rockies know that Canada and the USA joined hands to protect this wilderness area decades ago. Waterton is in the south west corner of Alberta and there is a crying need to complete the protected area by declaring the Flathead Valley in British Columbia's south east corner a National Park. It completes the block with the adjoining Glacier Park in Montana. The Rotary connection was a natural lead-in to Jenn's other messages about conserving our endangered lands. PLease see more at the following sites:
Here is the CPAWS-BC website:
Here is the link to the ACTION PAGE where members can write a short letter of support to creating the Flathead protected area as part of the International Peace Park with Waterton-Glacier  -
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