Speaker Date Topic
Jim Renshaw Oct 03, 2019
A Quest for Viking Heritage

Member Jim gives us a tour of Iceland. Titles comtemplated for this session included: There Are No Mosquitoes in Iceland, or Why do Long Tunnels Scare You in an Earthquake Zone?  or: Do Icelanders Really Eat Rotten Shark? Join us for an entertaining presentation about this little known country.

Bala Naidoo Oct 17, 2019
District Governor Visit

Our District Governor visits. Bring family, friends, prospective members to this important meeting.

Lee Foote Feb 20, 2020
Edmonton's Islamic Garden Roll Out - What is in store for Burnaby?

Lee Foote has been the Director of the University of Alberta Botanic Garden for 10 years and has overseen the development of the 11-acre Aga Khan Garden Alberta.  In light of the discussions of locating a new Islamic Garden in Burnaby he thought some of our members might appreciate his story of the origins, gift, construction, and public acceptance of hisDr. Lee Foote, Professor of Conservation Biology and Director of University of Alberta Botanic Garden garden.